The Underground Fat Loss Manual

The Underground Fat Loss Manual

Here’s what you’ll discover inside the Underground Fat Loss Manual…

Today I’m inviting you to join countless others who’ve transformed their bodies starting thanks to the Underground Fat Loss manual.

How I got in the best shape of my life after age 40 by BREAKING long-standing fitness rules

Why drinking less water and eating more pickles can speed up your fat burning rate

The “keystone” to losing fat — once you understand this you’ll be done with fad diets FOREVER.

The weird reason why almost all diets stop working after the first two weeks… and how to overcome this. (Surprise — it has nothing to do with metabolism)

How to get lean while still enjoying doughnuts, beer and chocolate ice cream. (In fact I INSIST my clients don’t make any food “off limits”.)

My bizarre cheat meal strategy that actually accelerates fat loss

Why you must “front load” your fat loss plan for maximum fat loss earlier in the week. (I’ve never seen another trainer mention this but it’s absolutely crucial.)

The surprising reason why I actually encourage my clients to exercise LESS for maximum fat loss

The 4 keys you must master to develop “the fat loss mindset.” (Hint: You do NOT need willpower.)

“Nerdy” secrets that actually make fat loss feel like a game… a game you can win!

How to kick-start your fat loss and peel off 10-15 pounds

And so much more…

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