Brain Training For Dogs – Unique Dog Training Course

Brain Training For Dogs – Unique Dog Training Course

Revealed at last by one of America’s top professional dog trainers, a simple training strategy that…

Develops your Dog’s “Hidden Intelligence” To eliminate bad behavior and Create the obedient, well-behaved pet of your dreams…

Here’s a Sneak Peak at What You Get Inside the ‘Brain Training For Dogs’ Online Course…


This is the foundation for the whole course. Here your dog will learn how to tap into his awesome brain power to become super obedient to your every command. Inside you will discover the following…

How to ‘Target Train’ your dog so he/she keeps their attention on you. (You can even use ‘targeting’ to get your dog to open doors, ring bells or turn off lights).

The ‘magic little way’ to get your dog to look into your eyes so the communication is strong as a foundation for super obedience.

A very simple ‘airplane game’ to get your dog looking into your eyes and paying attention to you as the source of reward and pleasure.


Now that your dog has mastered foundational training it’s time to improve his skills and use his senses to complete your commands. You will get games covering the following…

The ‘treasure hunt game’ that gets your dog back to his evolutionary roots and relieves the ‘boredom’ that leads to so many problem behaviors.

‘The muffin game’ to keep your dog mentally stimulated and out of trouble.

‘The ball pit game’ to drain your dog’s energy and make him easier to work with – all while they have a ton of fun and exercise.


Here your dog will learn about patience and impulse control with the following games…

Inside ‘jazz up and settle down’ you will learn how to settle your Dog down quickly after being hyped up with activity for a while.

The bottle game will help provide mental stimulation plus a small amount of exercise so they behave better for you.

Bobbing for treats will give your dog the excitement and reward he needs to behave well, while helping to remove any fear of water.


Here you will develop your dog’s motor skills and his ability to concentrate on your commands.

Inside you will discover:

The shell game to develop his mental agility.

The open sesame game to develop patience and calmness despite an open door.

The magic carpet game to develop even more patience and dexterity.


Here you will develop your dog’s intelligence and patience. You’ll also be focusing on helping him with his impulse control to become a better behaved dog.

Inside you will discover:

The hide and seek game to create a strong bond between you and your dog, and helps dogs who have trouble being alone.

The look at that game to stop dogs barking at other dogs or people from the window.

The hot and cold game to boost your dog’s ability to learn and build his confidence.


Here your dog will develop advanced level motor skills and intelligence…to obey your commands.

Inside you will discover:

Advanced leg-weaving skills to impress your friends.

The Serpentines and spirals game to help your dog stick by your side and follow your movements -no matter how erratic.

The name recognition game where your dog will learn to pick out toys by their name, to boost his cognitive ability.


Your dog is now at ‘genius level’. Why not impress your friends with your dog’s ability to stack rings, tidy his toys, and even play the piano?

Inside you will discover:

The tidy up game so your dog can tidy up after he is finished playing, A very impressive and useful trick.

The ring stackers game to develop skill and patience.

Play the piano game – that’s right. Your dog will actually play the piano on cue.

And there’s more…

You also get:

Cutting-edge dog training science and techniques.

Gentle force-free techniques ONLY.

Clear instructions with pictures.

Troubleshooting segments in the Brain Training course for difficult dogs.

Video demonstrations of the brain training games.

A HUGE archive covering almost every dog behavior problem you could think of.

Tailor-made solutions for behavior problems which tackle the root cause.

Exclusive information from a certified professional trainer with years of experience.

Ability to submit questions directly to me for answering through my support system.

A private forum where members can discuss dogs and dog training, or just chat and connect with like-minded people.

An online member’s area which means you can easily access all of the information on the go.

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